Individual Therapy Session

Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and conducted in an individualized format, and grounded in Adlerian/Individual Psychology principles. The individual and the individual’s presenting concerns are the focus of therapeutic sessions. The total number of sessions will vary for individuals.

The four phases of Adlerian therapy are Engagement, Assessment, Intervention, and Reorientation. Tenets of Adlerian theory include: Focus on strengths, Holistic view of the individual, Democratic principles, Sense of community, Personal freedom and responsibility, Social context of behavior, Goal orientated movement, Purpose, and meaning of behavior, Individual view of life, Encouragement, Mutual respect and Importance of contribution.

In addition to Adlerian psychology, Trauma-informed therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Brainspotting and, Mindfulness-based interventions are other available treatment approaches.

A Buddhist and Upasaka (lay Bodhisattva), Dr. Kimberly integrates principles of Buddhism and Buddhist psychology in her work with individuals who desire a more spiritual/faith-based approach.

Session Fees

Cost per session: Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and the number of sessions will vary for individuals. Per cost is 250.00 per session. The initial session is $300.00. A sliding scale is available per request.  Dr. Kimberly’s practice is a fee-for-service office, as she will not submit billing to your insurance company.  Individuals will be provided an itemized bill (Superbill) that can be submitted to their insurance company for reimbursement out of network. Most clients are reimbursed by their insurance companies 50%- 80% of the therapy fee. Some clients are reimbursed 100% for out-of-network psychotherapy.

How will clients be reimbursed?

Dr. Kimberly’s practice is a fee-for-service office; as such, she will not send billing to your insurance company. Clients will submit payment to Dr. Kimberly at the time of service. Individuals will be provided with a superbill to submit to their insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. The insurance company will send reimbursement directly to the client after the superbill has been submitted and processed. Insurance companies may refund clients 50%- 80% of the therapy fee. For example, if your insurance company reimburses individual therapy at 80%, you will receive a payment from your insurance company for $200; your final cost would be $50 for a session billed at $250.00 (if you have met your deductible). Some clients are compensated 100% for out-of-network psychotherapy. Clients are encouraged to contact their provider for questions related to reimbursement

Please Contact Dr. Kimberly and your insurance provider for any additional questions regarding service fees.

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